We do it for our families and for yours.

My family started our own personal journey when we were diagnosed with autism in 2009. At that time, choices were limited for us, thus the name “Alternatives ABA”. During that time, we spent years on a scavenger hunt for information and services. We wasted so much time. So I thought. What I discovered is that we didn’t “waste” any time. Our paths were challenging and difficult, I believe, so that we could learn and share what we learned with you. We couldn’t find an ABA provider that did things the way that we thought they should be done-so I began building it. A family-centered, ABA-based Autism support center. Every thought that goes in to building Alternatives ABA is based on supporting the family so that they may better support the child with Autism and each other. We are trying to build all that we hoped we could find for our families and could not. We are doing it for our families and for yours. And, yes. I was a “behavior analyst” long before I had my son in 2009. In fact, I was working as a “behavior analyst” long before there was a board certification requirement! When my son was two, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, and the certification they provide, had become necessary to practice. At that time, I took the exam and earned that board certification.
Thanks for reading the “why” part of this. It truly is personal. Alternatives ABA was born out of my hope that our journey could make someone else’s easier. The team that exists at Alternatives ABA is one that I am so incredibly proud of. This group of compassionate, smart people all have a deep understanding of the delicate balance between science, care, and dignity.
Susan Tartaglia Habchy, MPA, MEd, BCBA, LABA, LBA
Founding Executive Director

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