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Alternatives ABA is a registered 501(c)3  not for profit organization founded by a mom with a vision of what a quality ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) provider SHOULD do for families-Beyond Applied Behavior Analysis. Our primary focus is to provide exceptional family-centered ABA programs to individuals affected by Autism. The foundation for that is built on supporting the whole family through other ancillary supports like speech therapy, expressive therapies, and sibling and parent support.

The ABA provider is often the primary support system for families affected by Autism. A good provider ought to be able to facilitate an exceptional ABA program for the child AND connect families with the supports that they need. We were founded on that premise.

During conversations with other parents in waiting rooms,  it became immediately evident is how isolated we all felt. Scared and isolated became validated and supported. Friendships were forged and change was born.

A well supported family can better support one another. A well supported family has a better chance at reaching their goals as a family.

We are a family-centered, ABA-based Autism support center.

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