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Founded by the mother of a child with profound autism in 2015, Alternatives ABA is a multi-specialty, child and family-centered practice that specializes in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Our team of clinicians includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), speech and language pathologists (SLPs), and occupational therapists (OTs).

The central focus of our practice is 1:1 intensive, evidenced-based applied behavior analysis (ABA). We also provide a roster of additional services that includes: speech therapy, occupational therapy, pre-k and kindergarten prep, social skills, functional living skills, and sibling support groups.

Our clinicians collaborate with you, each other, across disciplines, and with outside clinicians, teachers, and caregivers, at your request. Our belief is that it is through this collaboration and coordination of care that the best results can be achieved.

Our clinicians believe that all children should be recognized for their strengths rather than their deficits and work to build individualized treatment plans that target deficits while further developing strengths.

Our practice is sensitive to the unique challenges that families living with autism face and is committed to supporting families and providing the tools necessary to better support the child with autism. We believe strongly that parents know their children best and view parents as essential members of the treatment team. We further believe that a well supported family is better able to support the child with autism.

Alternatives ABA is pleased and proud to be accredited by the Behavior Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE).

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