The Autism Insurance Resource Center Amazing individuals ready willing and able to answer questions and help with all things autism insurance. Awesome resource!

Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Support Centers

Information about an “Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism” (ARICA)

Mass Health AAC Device Frequently Asked Questions

Mass Health Guidelines for Medical Neccessity for AAC Devices

FAST FACT:  AAC claims/requests/trials should NEVER use the words “iPad” when trying to obtain approval for a non-dedicated device. They should instead refer to the device as “AAC device on an Apple platform (or, Windows platform).” Claims will be denied that refer to specific types of devices, e.g.: iPad.

SafetyNet Tracking Devices for Children at High Risk for Running/Wandering From Safe Environments

Learn About Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

Click here to find pretty much every resource available in Massachusetts. The wesbite is supported by the INDEX program at the Kennedy-Shriver Center at UMass and is best defined as a GOLDMINE of information and resources.

Massachusetts Autism Commission Report

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Access Website

The Federation for Children with Special Needs

First 100 Days Toolkit: Information for Newly Diagnosed Families-ENGLISH

El Manual de 100 Días de Autism Speaks fue diseñado exclusivamente para familias que han sido recientemente evaluadas.-ESPANOL

Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist: We recommend this self-report measurement tool to all parents and guardians starting a new intervention. It empowers parents and caregivers to collect, measure, and compare data at the outset of any new intervention and reflect on scores periodically throughout the intervention. This tool is helpful with determining the efficacy of the intervention.  The ATEC is available in many different languages at this link.

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