Home, Community, & Center-Based 1:1 Intensive ABA

We provide 1:1 intensive ABA in the home, community, and center/clinic setting. ABA programs are overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and implemented by a behavior therapist (BT) or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).

​Where can ABA sessions happen?

Home Based ABA happens in your home or the home of another caregiver or family member. The ABA team comes out to the home and implements programs.

Center-Based ABA happens at our center/clinic location.

Community Based ABA can happen anywhere from playgrounds to day cares to grocery stores! Anywhere that your family needs support in teaching and reinforcing the skills necessary for success in each individual environment.

What location is best?
We generally like to see components of all three in each comprehensive ABA program in order to target skills, educate families and caregivers “in vivo” on how to carry out behavior management strategies, and generalize learned skills across environments. Our behavior analysts develop treatment plans based on the individual needs of your child and family. We also understand that all three settings may not be ideal for every family or child. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of your child and your family and support you with a child and family-centered approach. Most “typically developing” families are unaware of the challenges that a trip to the grocery store or attendance to a family event can pose. We are acutely aware and work hard to give families the tools they need to succeed and successfully support their child.

How are treatment plans developed?
The behavior analyst will gather information from you, your family, and from any records or assessments that you may have. We will also speak to any educator, caregiver, or clinician that you allow us to. The BCBA will then do their own independent assessment. They will then develop an individualized treatment plan for your child. The individualized treatment plan is then enhanced and supplemented with parent/caregiver/sibling teaching and supervision of the behavior therapist performed by the behavior analyst. The treatment plan is constantly evolving based on the data collected during each session and from caregiver feedback.

​What is supervision?
The behavior analyst provides what is called “supervision” to the behavior therapist. Weekly supervision is provided in order to ensure that the treatment plan is being implemented properly and with integrity, is effective, and in order to get critical feedback from the behavior therapist.

What about parent training?
The behavior analyst will provide education and support to parents, caregivers, and siblings of the child. In fact, the more the merrier. This training and support is essential for the overall success of the child. ABA is far more effective when everyone is on “the same page” and doing the same thing. ABA can’t only happen when the behavior analyst or behavior therapists are in the home. Our behavior analysts are also well aware that moms and dads know their kids best! We may know ABA a little bit better, but you know your children best. We will rely on you as critical members of our team.