We provide a number of services at our 9,500 square foot campus located just south of Boston in Norwell, MA.

Center Based ABA
Some children receive intensive 1:1 therapy at our center. Many of our families choose to expose their children to peers for socialization and to our vast array of toys and sensory equipment and activities via center-based ABA services. Our simulated pre-school area and targeted school prep curricula helps prepare little people for pre-school and kindergarten. Our child clients are able to access music therapy, lunchtime social programs, an enclosed playground area that is attached to our building, social groups, etc.

Speech Therapy
Additionally, we offer individual speech therapy appointments with one of our speech and language pathologists Monday through Saturday. We welcome all children in need of speech and language services to become clients!

Occupational Therapy
We are pleased to announce that we now offer Occupational Therapy as part of our roster of services. Our occupational therapy team specializes in treating children living with ASD and can address a range of needs, including feeding and food aversions.

Social/Play/Fitness Groups
We offer a variety of social and adaptive fitness programs for children and families impacted by autism. Registration for those groups can be found at: www.AlternativesABA.shop

Sibling & Parent Support and Education
We offer a number of individual and group opportunities to support parents and siblings, including: sibling groups, supported community outings, educational sessions, etc. We have a skilled respite program in development.

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